There are three main routes towards Pucón

  • From the North - from Santiago or Concepción passing Temuco, Freire and Villarrica
  • From the South - from Puerto Montt or Valdivia passing Loncoche and Villarrica
  • From the East (Argentina) - from San Martín de los Andes crossing the Mamuil-Malal-Pass (also called Tromen-Pass)

The first two roads are entirely paved and in good condition, the Panamerican has highway standard. Total distance Santiago – Pucón is 789 kilometres, it is about a nine-hours-driv

The international connection is a gravel road for about 100 kilometres. There is no problem in summer for any vehicle, but in winter you may need a 4WD.

Buses for the El Cañi natural reserve and the hotsprings of Peumayén, Quimey-Co, Huife and Los Pozones leave from Terminal Pullman on Palguín street, alsmost on the corner of Uruguay street.

We receive many questions about our hostal and about Pucón and surrounding area. Below you can find a selección of frequently asked questions and their answers.

I heard a very loud siren once... What does it mean?

Very simple. The sirene sounds once at 12.00 O'Clock every day, except on sunday, to let everone know it's 12.00 O'Clock.