Geometricas hotsprings are a great place for a day out from Pucón. It is a 80 kilometers drive from Pucón to there. From Pucòn, first drive to Villarrica, from there to Coñaripe. In the centre of Coñaripe is a sign (on the lefthandside on the town's mainstreet) that indicates you the last 17 kilometers of grvaelroad towards the hotsprings. The entrance fee varies between $ 15.000 pesos and $ 19.000 pesos for an adult and between $ 7.000 and $ 9.000 peso for a child. The price depends on the time of the day.

The Geometricas hotsprings are open from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM. For the latest information, please visit their website.

Transfers from Pucón to the Geometricas hotsprings are also available and typically cost $ 30.000 pesos per person which includes the entrance fee for an adult.