Our small town (20,000 inhabitants) is located 800 kilometres south of Santiago in the Chilean Lake District. It is surrounded by national parks, mountains, rivers, and lakes. The highlight is the smoking Villarrica-Volcano which dominates the view.

Its enormous natural potential has made Pucón a centre for adventure tourism and outdoor activities. You can easily spend a week or more doing a different trip each day.

Pucón also offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, discotheques, handicraft shops, and even a fancy casino. There are three banks in town with an ATM where you can get cash with your VISA or MasterCard. Exchange rates are not the greatest, especially for traveller cheques, so we encourage our future guests to exchange their money in bigger cities like Santiago or Temuco before arriving at Pucón.

During the Chilean holidays in January and February, Pucón is a very popular summer destination. The quiet little town then offers more nightlife opportunities, sports competitions, and concerts while still keeping its rustic charm.  

"Tres Saltos" waterfalls are a series of three waterfalls. They are about 28 kilometers from Pucón, close to Huepil. (lat=-39.209006,lon=-71.736832)

How to get there:

Take a bus from Buses Caburgua or Pullman busterminal towards the Huife and Los Pozones hotsprings and ask the busdriver to drop you off at the Huepil junction. From there it is an easy walk of about 2 kilometers. Entrance fee is $1.000 pesos per person.

By car you can get all the way to the parking lot which is next to the first waterfall.

The first fall is easily seen from the entrance.

Do you like horsebackriding? We can organize a perfect half-a-day tour for you!

This ride in the hills of Quelhue will bring you pleasant views of volcanos, rivers and waterfalls. Ask us if you need more information or if you would like to book the tour.

The Marimán rapids are in the Trancura river and you can visit them, they are about 14 kilometers from Pucón. (lat=-39.299725,lon=-71.845545)

A entrance fee of $1.000 pesos is charged and there is short trail along the river to see the rapids from varios angles.

Entrance to the rapids