• Buses for the El Cañi natural reserve and the hotsprings of Peumayén, Quimey-Co, Huife and Los Pozones leave from Terminal Pullman on Palguín street, alsmost on the corner of Uruguay street.

  • With Buses Caburgua you can get to three popular destinations:

    • National Park Huerquehue
    • Hotsprings of Quimey-Co, Huife and Los Pozones.
    • El Cañi reserve.

    Their bus-terminal is located on Uruguay street, almost on the intersection with Palguin street.

  • Many travelers want to continue to Argentina after visiting Pucón. Bus tickets for Argentina can be bought from a small shop on the corner of Uruguay and Palguin street.

    Traveling from Pucón to San Martin de los Andes:

    From monday to saturday you can take a bus of Igi-Llaima that leaves Pucón at 09:45 (via paso Mamuil Malal) and arrives in San Martin de los Andes at around 15:00 in the afternoon. On sunday the bus leaves from Pucón around 12:15 and arrives in San Martin de los Andes around 17:00.