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    There are three main routes towards Pucón

    • From the North - from Santiago or Concepción passing Temuco, Freire and Villarrica
    • From the South - from Puerto Montt or Valdivia passing Loncoche and Villarrica
    • From the East (Argentina) - from San Martín de los Andes crossing the Mamuil-Malal-Pass (also called Tromen-Pass)

    The first two roads are entirely paved and in good condition, the Panamerican has highway standard. Total distance Santiago – Pucón is 789 kilometres, it is about a nine-hours-driv

    The international connection is a gravel road for about 100 kilometres. There is no problem in summer for any vehicle, but in winter you may need a 4WD.

  • Qué es el Covid–19

    Qué es el Covid–19, sus síntomas


    • Fiebre sobre los 37,8 grados o más
    • Tos
    • Dolor de garganta al comer o tragar fluidos
    • Mialgias o dolores musculares
    • Dificultad para respirar
    • Dolor toráxico
    • Pérdida brusca de olfato o gusto
    • Diarrea
    • Cefalea o dolor de cabeza
    • Calofríos


  • Rates

    Rates are per room and include a delicious breakfast. 

    Hostel La Tetera accepts only cash payments. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

    Based on local tax laws, all Chilean citizens and resident foreigners must pay an additional fee (IVA) of 19%. To be exempt from this 19% additional fee (IVA) the payment must be made in foreign money and a copy of the immigration card and passport must be presented. The passenger won’t be exempt from this fee when paying in Chilean pesos. 

    Currently, we accept the following foreign currencies: US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR).

    The foreign currencies in the table below are calculated against the Chilean peso about every three hours and may vary in time. As such, you can use those rates only as a reference. When paying your bill with a foreign currency, we will check the table below to calculate the correct amount.

    Last update:25/10/2021 00:00:02 UTC (48 minutes ago...)

    Rates, season 2021/2022:

    Low Season
    March - December
    Single with shared bath: $ 29.000 $ 31 € 26
    Single with private bath: $ 36.000 $ 38 € 33
    Double with shared bath: $ 36.000 $ 38 € 33
    Double with private bath: $ 43.000 $ 45 € 39

    High Season
    January - February
    Single with shared bath: $ 39.000 $ 41 € 35
    Single with private bath: $ 49.000 $ 52 € 44
    Double with shared bath: $ 49.000 $ 52 € 44
    Double with private bath: $ 59.000 $ 62 € 53