We receive many questions about our hostal and about Pucón and surrounding area. Below you can find a selección of frequently asked questions and their answers.

I heard a very loud siren once... What does it mean?

Very simple. The sirene sounds once at 12.00 O'Clock every day, except on sunday, to let everone know it's 12.00 O'Clock. 

I heard a very loud siren twice... What does it mean?

It means that the firebrigade needs to go somewhere. Probably somewhere there was a fire or happened an accident.

How can I go to the entrance of Huerquehue National Park?

You can go by public transport. Every day leaves a bus at 08.30 AM. from the busterminal almost at the corner of Palguin and Uruguay streets (In front of busterminal of buses JAC). The last bus back from the national park to Pucón leaves at 17.10 PM. from the entrance of the National Park.

Is the water from the tap in your hostal safe for drinking?

Yes, you can drink the water from the tap without any problem. 

How far is your hostel from the beach?

We are about five blocks from the beach

I'm very hungry and would like to eat a good steak. Which restaurant do you recommend?

For the best steak in town we recommend restaurant "La Maga". It's located next to the Bci bank on the Gerónimo Alderete street almost on the corner with Fresia street.

I'm vegetarian. Can you recommend a vegetarian restaurant?

Our neighbours at École, on the corner of the Urrutia and Arauco streets, run a vegetarian restaurant.

How much costs a taxi from the busterminal to your hostel?

Within Pucón there is a flat rate of 1.300 pesos. So the taxidriver should charge this amount to take you from the busterminal to our hostel.