Pucón is soon to become the first city in Chile to ban plastic bags!

The latest research on landfills in Pucón shows that residents and tourists are using roughly 11.5 million plastic bags per year. The current mayor, Carlos Barra, and other environmental and adventure lovers in the area are trying to lower this amount as soon as possible.

The gradual decrease for supplying plastic bags to customers in stores and supermarkets started in July 2013 by the Unidad Ambiental Municipalidad de Pucón. There are four stages of decrease all together until the final stage on December 1, 2014 when customers are completely expected to bring their own shopping bag.

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We are proud of our city for this environmental change. Until the four stages are complete, please do your part and shop with reciclable and/or biodegradable bags while you visit one of the most beautiful cities on earth.


La Tetera Team