Travelling is much nicer when you can speak and understand the local language. In Chile, some of the most exciting moments on your journey could be the hours shared with a campesino family you met on a hike far from civilization – speaking Spanish.
So why not spend a week or two in Pucón to learn some Spanish before you continue travelling?

We suggest an intensive Spanish program for one week: 5 sessions of 3 hours of lessons each day, 15 hours in total. In these private lessons (alone or with your partner), given by an experienced native teacher, you will progress faster than in a group. Since we are not a language school, we are flexible to fit the classes according to your personal schedule, level and interests. You can study Spanish just for a few hours to get an approach or for several weeks polishing your knowledge. We can also arrange homestay.

The main idea of the beginner's program is to teach you all you need to know for travelling, like greetings, introductions, asking for hotel rooms, bus tickets or food, describing what you do at home, answering typical questions Chileans always ask you, and so on. Further, classes include Chilean culture, songs, poems and even politics.