"Tres Saltos" waterfalls are a series of three waterfalls. They are about 28 kilometers from Pucón, close to Huepil. (lat=-39.209006,lon=-71.736832)

How to get there:

Take a bus from Buses Caburgua or Pullman busterminal towards the Huife and Los Pozones hotsprings and ask the busdriver to drop you off at the Huepil junction. From there it is an easy walk of about 2 kilometers. Entrance fee is $1.000 pesos per person.

By car you can get all the way to the parking lot which is next to the first waterfall.

The first fall is easily seen from the entrance.


Access to the second waterfall. It is a short but steep climb.

The second waterfall.

Access to the third waterfall. It is higher than the second waterfall but the climb itself is easier (not so steep) and you have beautiful views on the surrounding mountains and the Villarrica volcano.

As seen from the trail to the third waterfall. 

The third waterfall.