There are many different styles of hot springs in Pucón. Some are expensive, and some are not.

If you are looking for a quiet, rustic, natural, and reasonably priced hot springs, Termas Los Pozones is a great choice!

The seven different pools are located just 36 km outside of Pucón . All of the pools vary in size and temperature. There is a simple and basic infrastructure of dressing rooms, bathrooms, and a storage area for your belongings. There are no locks on the storage areas, so take the bare minimum of essentials with you. Another thing to remember is that there are no restaurants or concession stands around the pools, so bringing your own snacks are essential. Water is available at faucets on site.

Most people will choose the termas after a long day hiking or if the forecast is calling for rainy weather, but we have found the pools to be enjoyable on hotter days as well. There is a flowing creek with shaded areas that you can rest by if you get too warm in the pools. There is also a pool with a shelter above it, providing you with shade and cool rocks to counteract the temperature. If you have snacks and a good book, you are set for an enjoyable day in a beautiful place.

The best part about the pools is that they are open all year/24 hours a day. Prices vary depending on the time of the day you go. For 5000 pesos, you can stay at the pools up to three hours in the day. At night, the price will change to 7000 pesos. Children under 6 get in for 2000 pesos.

After checking in at the reception, you are free to explore! Something to keep in mind is that after the reception building, you still need to walk down a steep gravel hill to get to the pools. People with mobility issues will have a hard time making it up and down the hill. If you are in fair physical condition, you should have no problems.

It is very easy to get to the pools by bus or car.

By bus: Take the bus in front of Jac headed for Termas Huife, Quimey-Co, Los Pozones, and Reserva Cañi. It is about an hour bus ride in the mountains that will cost 1400 pesos each way. Check timetables here and here.

By car:  Take Camino Internacional towards Caburgua lake. Instead of taking a left to the lake, keep straight and follow the road almost to its end. You will see a sign for the hot springs on the left. A good way to know if you are going in the right direction is by looking for signs for Reserva El Cañi and Termas Huife before your arrival.

If you are wanting to go at night, or simply do not feel like going on a bus,  you can also book through a tour company. Our favorite hostel beside La Tetera is a well known restaurant and hosteria called école. They can help you organize a tour for 15000 pesos.

Relax, drink lots of water, and enjoy!