"Ruta manos conectados" is an iniative of 4 local artists from Pucón. They invite you to make a cultural tour through the area of Pucón and show you their workshops.

Website: http://manosconectadas.cl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manos-Conectadas/220447091331402

Geometricas hotsprings are a great place for a day out from Pucón. It is a 80 kilometers drive from Pucón to there. From Pucòn, first drive to Villarrica, from there to Coñaripe. In the centre of Coñaripe is a sign (on the lefthandside on the town's mainstreet) that indicates you the last 17 kilometers of grvaelroad towards the hotsprings. The entrance fee varies between $ 15.000 pesos and $ 19.000 pesos for an adult and between $ 7.000 and $ 9.000 peso for a child. The price depends on the time of the day.

For trainlovers, a visit to the Museo Nacional Ferroviario Pablo Neruda in Temuco can be worthwhile. The exhibit has steamtrains and wagons. Unfortunatley after the past earthquake, the building where most steamtrains are parked is not accesible because of the poor state of the buidling. However, you can walk around the building and see the trains from the outside.

Entrance is free except for 3 wagons, one of which was used in the past as the presidential wagon by six Chilean presidents. For those three wagons, entrance fee is $1.000 pesos for an adult and $ 300 pesos for a child. In the first wagon, an 8 minute documantary is shown about the museums history. Afterwards, a guide will show you the other wagons and tell you about their history.

Sanctuario El Cañi is a beautiful 1,500 acre nature reserve located just outside of Pucón. While visiting there, you will have a spectacular view of the famous, and endangered tree species, the Araucaria.

The Sanctuary is a groundbreaking conservation project. In 1990, it became the first Chilean forest purchased for conservation by a group of outdoor enthusiast. They named it the Lahuén foundation, and hope to continue to research and defend the forest from logging while promoting ecotourism.

The Cañi feels almost magical as you are hiking through it. You are surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna while Chiles unique birds are echoing all around you. A certain history of the Mapuche tribe still lingers on the ground as well.

For 700 pesos, a microbus headed for Huife also stops at Cañi. Check the buses timetables here and here. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the reserve. The cost to visit is 3.000 pesos each day you stay. For 10.000 pesos, a guide may be able to accompany you on your journey, though the trails are quite easy to follow if you stay on the main path. At the reception area, you will be given a map and more information about the area. There are only a few workers though and know that english is limited when explaining the trails in the reserve.